• St Peters SSS Nsambya
    Your Child's Future is Safe With Us
    We Present a Good learning Environment for the student
  • Nurturing Focused future Citizens
    Providing Quality Education
    Our Capabilities to ensure Success have been proven through the years
  • We Nurture Future Leaders
    For Their Better Future
    Our Focus on Students' performance and progress has been evidenced through out the years


 Saint Peter, You the blessed rock On which Jesus, Chose to found his church Great Author...

Our Vision

To be a leading Provider of Quality and Holistic Education

Our Mission

To provide all round Quality Education through Faith and Hard work for Unity and Development

Our Motto

Fides Et Labor

Our Core Values

These are our guidelines in providing committed and diligent service while nurturing Students


Created in God’s very image, people bear the glory of God and make up the Body of Christ. Ev...


Our work at SPENSA is grounded in love, by which we mean the capacity to extend ourselves for the ...


Humility means a disposition to be humble; or a lack of false pride. This can be embraced by an ind...


The community of SPENSA is challenged to be truthful and trustworthy in all aspects of life. We und...


As we strive to maintain a reputation of excellence, we work hard and smart, making a persistent a...


Message from the Head Teacher

MR. MUNGERE Remigius Mubiru

Head Teacher St Peters SSS Nsambya

Our Dear Parents, Board Members, Students and All Stakeholders, We Welcome to the Official Website Of Our Dear School St Peters SSS Nsambya.

Our Staff Members

We are proud to present to you our Dedicated and Committed Staff that makes things happen at the school

Our Gallery

Our Gallery gives you a clear picture of what we do and what we have done over the years. We are proud to serve and continue to do so through many ways